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Dodd family

There are 51,227 people with the Dodd surname on MyHeritage.com
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Where do people with the Dodd surname come from:
Great Britain
New Zealand
South Africa
World|Europe|South America|Asia|Africa
The meaning of the name Dodd:
  1. English and Scottish: from the Middle English personal name Dodde, Dudde, Old English Dodda, Dudda, which remained in fairly widespread and frequent use in England until the 14th century. It seems to have been originally a byname, but the meaning is not clear; it may come from a Germanic root used to describe something round and lumpish—hence a short, plump man.
  2. Irish: of English origin, taken to Sligo in the 16th century by a Shropshire family; also sometimes adopted by bearers of the Gaelic name Ó Dubhda (see Dowd).
Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press, Mar 2003
Most popular first names with surname Dodd:
Ann Dodd   Barbara Dodd   Elizabeth Dodd   Hannah Dodd   James Dodd   Jane Dodd   John Dodd   Joseph Dodd   Margaret Dodd   Mary Dodd   Michael Dodd   Robert Dodd   Sarah Dodd   Thomas Dodd   William Dodd  
Family sites on MyHeritage with the last name Dodd:
Dodd Web Site, 21 members
Dodd Web Site, 17 members
Dodd Web Site, 12 members
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Dodd family DNA Project

There is a Dodd DNA project which verifies if individuals with this last name (or similar) are related.

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