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Lister family

There are 14,318 people with the Lister surname on MyHeritage.com
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Where do people with the Lister surname come from:
Great Britain
New Zealand
South Africa
World|Europe|South America|Asia|Africa
The meaning of the name Lister:
  1. English: occupational name for a dyer, Middle English litster, an agent derivative (originally feminine; compare Baxter) of lit(t)e(n) ‘to dye’ (Old Norse lita). This term was used principally in East Anglia and northern and eastern England (areas of Scandinavian settlement), and to this day the surname is found principally in these regions, especially in Yorkshire.
  2. Scottish: Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac an Fhleisdeir ‘son of the arrow maker’.
Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press, Mar 2003
Most popular first names with surname Lister:
Alice Lister   Ann Lister   Christopher Lister   Elizabeth Lister   George Lister   James Lister   Jane Lister   John Lister   Margaret Lister   Mary Lister   Robert Lister   Rosamond Lister   Sarah Lister   Thomas Lister   William Lister  
Family sites on MyHeritage with the last name Lister:
lister Web Site, 23 members
Sheila Lister, 19 members
Lister Family Website, 10 members
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Lister family DNA Project

There is a Lister DNA project which verifies if individuals with this last name (or similar) are related.

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