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Ohler family

There are 1,750 people with the Ohler surname on MyHeritage.com
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Where do people with the Ohler surname come from:
Great Britain
South Africa
World|Europe|South America|Asia|Africa
The meaning of the name Ohler:
  1. (also Öhler) occupational name for an extractor or seller of culinary oil (typically from olives) or for a soap maker, from Middle High German öler, an agent derivative of öl, ol ‘oil’ (from Latin oleum ‘(olive) oil’).
  2. (in some western parts of Germany) occupational name for a potter, Middle High German ollære, from Latin ollarius ‘potter’, from olla ‘pot’.
  3. (Öhler): patronymic from a short form of a personal name formed with Old Saxon od ‘possession’.
Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press, Mar 2003
Most popular first names with surname Ohler:
Albert Ohler   Alexander Ohler   Andrew Ohler   Anna Ohler   Catherine Ohler   Charles Ohler   David Ohler   Elizabeth Ohler   Frank Ohler   Jacob Ohler   John Ohler   Maria Ohler   Mary Ohler   Peter Ohler   William Ohler  
Family sites on MyHeritage with the last name Ohler:
ohler Web Site, 2 members
Ohler Web Site, One member
Ohler Web Site, One member
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