Endresen Landsrud - Endresen Opdahl
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Endresen Landsrud
Endresen Langsaevhaavet
Endresen Langseth
Endresen Langsethrøningen
Endresen Langsetvold
Endresen Langåker
Endresen Langøen
Endresen Laurhammer
Endresen Leine
Endresen Leirdalen
Endresen Lian
Endresen Lien
Endresen Lilletofteland
Endresen Lillevand
Endresen Lind
Endresen Lindahl
Endresen Linde
Endresen Linnestad
Endresen Litsheim
Endresen Loch
Endresen Lomeland
Endresen Lomelde
Endresen Lund
Endresen Lundbø
Endresen Lunde
Endresen Lundeberg
Endresen Lundemo
Endresen Lundhaug
Endresen Lundli
Endresen Lunne
Endresen Lygre
Endresen Lygren
Endresen Lynghjem
Endresen Lynjem
Endresen Lystad
Endresen Lånke
Endresen Løe
Endresen Løken
Endresen Løkvik
Endresen Maeland
Endresen Magistad
Endresen Malmeim
Endresen Marchaas
Endresen Meeling
Endresen Megården Utbygda Tjøme
Endresen Meisdalen
Endresen Meland
Endresen Merket
Endresen Meysodalen
Endresen Meø Tjøme
Endresen Mjølhus
Endresen Moen
Endresen Mogestad
Endresen Mogistad
Endresen Moisedal
Endresen Moland
Endresen Mosbye
Endresen Musgjerd
Endresen Myklebostad
Endresen Myrum Sanboeie
Endresen Mæhlum
Endresen Mæhlum Nordhagen
Endresen Mæhlum Nordhagen
Endresen Naef
Endresen Naes
Endresen Naess
Endresen Natvig
Endresen Nedal
Endresen Nedre Bråstad
Endresen Nedregaard
Endresen Nedreleevog
Endresen Nerlaus
Endresen Nerløs
Endresen Nesse
Endresen Nevland
Endresen Nijesæter
Endresen Nilsen
Endresen Nodeland
Endresen Nodland I Neset
Endresen Nordhagen
Endresen Nordvik
Endresen Norem
Endresen Norevigen
Endresen Nyberg
Endresen Nærløs
Endresen Næs
Endresen Næss
Endresen Nøstdal
Endresen Odegaard
Endresen Oen
Endresen Oesteraas
Endresen Oglem
Endresen Olsen
Endresen Opdahl
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