Torres Camora - Torres Santaliz
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Torres Camora - Torres Canisales
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Torres Gabino - Torres Galva
Torres Galvan - Torres Gardea
Torres Garduno - Torres Gaza
Torres Gazabon - Torres Gisa
Torres Giutta - Torres Gonzalez Reina
Torres Gonzalez Reyes - Torres Granda
Torres Grande - Torres Gualceroni
Torres Gualda - Torres Guerrrero
Torres Guerrro - Torres Guzman
Torres Guzman Wilson - Torres Herdia
Torres Herebia - Torres Hinijosa
Torres Hinijoza - Torres Hueitra
Torres Huelgas - Torres I Ramirez
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Torres Jacinto - Torres Jeria
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Torres Malespin - Torres Mansur
Torres Mansur Pereira - Torres Mariano
Torres Marichales - Torres Martos
Torres Marttines - Torres Matiz
Torres Mato - Torres Meca
Torres Mecias - Torres Mendeville
Torres Mendez - Torres Mesonero
Torres Mesones - Torres Mingueta
Torres Minguez - Torres Molinera
Torres Molinero - Torres Monserratt
Torres Monserratte - Torres Montufar
Torres Montuffar - Torres Moro
Torres Morocho - Torres Mundaca
Torres Mundarain - Torres Nabaro
Torres Nabarrete - Torres Navides
Torres Navor - Torres Nigenda
Torres Nigma - Torres Nungarai
Torres Nungaray - Torres Olavi
Torres Olaya - Torres Oquendo
Torres Oraa - Torres Ortegas
Torres Ortegon - Torres Ou Becerra
Torres Oubel - Torres Paillamán
Torres Paima - Torres Panduro
Torres Panecatl - Torres Pasillas
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Torres Pedreaez - Torres Peredes
Torres Peredo - Torres Peñafiel
Torres Peñaflor - Torres Pinon
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Torres Remuzgo - Torres Riaño
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Torres Ritamar - Torres Rodrigues
Torres Rodrigues Campos - Torres Romàn
Torres Román - Torres Rovira
Torres Roxas - Torres Ruzza
Torres Ruíz - Torres Salazar Roger
Torres Salazr - Torres Samos
Torres Samot - Torres Santaliz
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